Notice Stage

Takes ~40-100 Days

  1. Complete submission on website.
  2. We draft notice based on your submission. 
  3. Take notice to City Marshal’s office to be served on tenant(s).
  4. City Marshal serves notice and sends notice via certified mail.
  5. Tenant has 30,60, or 90 days from the first day of next month to vacate.   If they fail to leave, an eviction may be filed.

Items to Note:

  • ex. A notice served in April doesn’t start the 30,60,90 day “clock” until May 1st. You CAN NOT collect rent after the notice expires.
  • We requests submission by the 25th to get the notice served in time. We can not guarentee anything subitted after that date will be served by the end of the month resulting in the notice “clock” not starting.
  • If tenants do not open the door after the 2nd attempt for service, the notice will be taped to their door.  This is a sufficient service by law.
  • You will not recieve a judgment.  You will have to take the tenant to small claims court. 
  • 30-Day Notices are for tenants that have lived there under a year, 60-days for under 2 years but over 1 and 90-days for 2 years or more. The firm will reach out when the notice has expired to see if you would like to move forward. 
  • Upfront payment is required.  We will not serve notices until invoices are paid.  It may take up to 48-hours for you to recieve an invoice after submission.

Eviction Stage 1 (Petition)

~30 Days

  1. We recieve the go ahead to file the eviction and prepare the documents (called the Petition).
  2. The petition is filed with the court.
  3. The court schedules a date.  Court dates are scheduled based on the courts availability and the volume of evictions they have at a given time.  
  4. Court dates are e-mailed to clients and if in the city, listed on our website.
  5. Eviction Petitions are served on the tenant(s) 10-17 days before the court date.  This is when the tenant becomes aware that they are being taken to court.
  6. Before your court date you will recieve an e-mail asking for the most up-to-date ledger.  Not sending a ledger may result in an adjournment/delay in your case.

Items to Note:

  • Three attempts of service must be made.  See above for what that service process looks like.
  • We do not have any control of how fast court dates are assigned.  We are often asked to “expedite” the process.  There is no way to get your eviction ahead in the line.  Cases are scheduled as they are recieved.
  • Upfront payments are required.  The petition will not be filed until invoice is paid.  It may take up to 48 hours to recieve an invoice after communicating that you wish to move forward.  
  • You will recieve your court date via e-mail.  If you have not recieved an email, it means there is not a date yet.  

Eviction Stage 2 (Court)

Takes on average 1-20 days

(It may take longer if multiple adjournments are given)
  1. When your court date arrives, you will be represented by Matt or Kristin.  You are not required to attend.
  2. The judge will call the case and ask questions to the teant and allow the Matt or Kristin to supply any additional information.
  3. Tenants have a legal right to an adjournment to find an attorney, bring evidence for their claims, etc.  The judge is legally required to give this adjournment.  If this happens, a new court date is scheduled.  If there are other hang-ups during court, additional adjournments may be scheduled.  Most cases are resolved in 1-2 court appearances.  
  4. An e-mail is sent to you, detailing the events that happened in court.  It may take a day or two to get those emails sent if there are several different courts on the same day.  This also means the attorneys are in court so the office will not have information about the case if you call.

Items to Note:

  • Tenants that owe rent, may also be breaking other parts of the lease.  The eviction is specific to them not leaving when the notice told them too.  Other evidence will most likely not be relevant because the case is just about the tenant not leaving.
  • You are welcome to come to court but it is not necessary.  The attornies may have multiple cases, so if they can not speak with you during court, you will be communicated with after.

Eviction Stage 3 (Warrant)

~20-28 days

  1. If the judge rules for a warrant, the office will order the warrant for you.
  2. The warrant is signed by the judge and given to the City Marshal or Sheriff to serve.
  3. Once the warrant is served, the occupant has 14-days to vacate the property.
  4. The Marshal or Sheriff will communicate with the our office about the move-out date and it will be e-mailed to you with direction on scheduling a move out.  If you haven’t received an e-mail about us regarding the move-out date, it’s because that information hasn’t been communicated to us by the Marshal or Sheriff.

Items to Note:

  • The Marshal or Sheriff will not automatically show up on the date that was emailed to you.
  • We do not pursue judgments or collections.  You will have to work with another attorney or agency that handles those matters.
  • Tenants have until the warrant is executed to pay-off what is owed as designated by the court.